History of basketball

The history of basketball is a long one. In 1891, basketball was invented by a man named James Naismith, a physical education instructor at the school that is now known as Springfield College, to keep the athlete's busy during the long winter months of New England.

The history of basketball is not only long, but interesting. One interesting fact is that the original basketball was actually a soccer ball, and the original basket, peach basket. Naismith's version of the game had thirteen rules, one of which was that players could not dribble the ball because they were not allowed to move while holding it. Starting in 1910, players were allowed to dribble the ball, but not to shoot afterwards. In 1916, players were allowed to shoot the ball after dribbling, which has remained this way since. James Naismith's closed-bottom peach basket proved to be a hassle, with a player having to climb a ladder to remove the ball with every basket made, so in 1906, metal rims with open-ended nets hanging from them became commonplace in basketball.

Women's history of basketball is quite different than men's, despite its similarity today. Basketball was introduced to women in 1892, but was catered to be less physically demanding. Players were assigned an area that they were required to stay in, and batting the ball out of other players' hands was restricted. In 1926, a national women's tournament was established, 1938 the women's game was changed from a three-court to a two-court game, and in 1969, the first full-court game was played.

What would the history of basketball be without the NBA? The NBA started in 1946 as The Basketball Association of America (BAA). After losing teams and gaining teams from The National Basketball League (NBP), the BAA was changed to the NBA (National Basketball Association).